Polar explorer Aaron Linsdau is the second only American ever to ski solo to the South Pole and is the author of Antarctic Tears. ExhibitionFeatured in both television and in multiple newspaper interviews, Linsdau’s 2012-2013 Antarctic expedition helped raise awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The foundation also headlined him, his relationship with the foundation, and his training, on their athlete’s website. He has spoken with audiences about his experiences, sharing the triumphs and challenges and how it relates to their lives.

No stranger to distance trekking, Linsdau has skied across Yellowstone in the dead of winter for three successive years, solo. And, he has also trekked across the Greenland tundra, from the ice cap to the coast, again solo. The expedition in this book was his second trip to polar latitude and his first to Antarctica. He had the second longest time for a solo trek in Antarctic history.

Linsdau has a bachelors of science in electrical engineering and a masters in computational science from California State University, San Diego. He is a senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), placing him in the top 10% of electrical engineers.. Also an accomplished cinematographer, he has a decade of experience in shooting documentaries.

Aaron is available for speaking engagements around the world.  Be inspired, educated and invigorated by his captivating stories of going to the far corners of the world.