Amazon review dissapear

Missing amazon reviews

Missing amazon reviews

As an author, you put a ton of work into your book, go through a tough editing process with an editor, then you go through an even more difficult process with the publisher. When you’re done and the book is out for sale, you think why should I do this? Then you receive reviews on the book and you’re elated.

Then, you check back in a bit, and see that several reviews have disappeared. Talk about disheartening. I did some reading on Amazon rejected reviews and found people complaining about it all over the web, that there’s no way to mitigate this. Sadly, it seems there must be some sort of system in place to prevent people from posting reviews, that they think it’s inappropriate or that maybe they think they’re all you. Who knows?

In any case, thank goodness I captured the reviews on the page before they disappeared.

You can see the reviews on Antarctic Tears below, even if Amazon doesn’t think they’re worth it. Click the above picture or the below link to see what I’m guessing are some rejected reviews from Amazon.

Amazon reviews

I’ll just keep forging on and letting people know that they’ll enjoy the book and receive inspiration and motivation from it. I even cajoled the publisher to give a discount to people who are willing to review the book, so hopefully some of them will stick. It’ll cost me some blood but, hopefully, it’ll be worth it.

If the people who had reviews rejected on Amazon would like to email them to me, I’ll post them on here. And maybe I can browbeat my publisher into posting them on their site, too.

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