Book nearly completed

Sample pageThe publishing process is nearly complete! A year after my expedition, my final proof draft is off to my editor and he’s working on it right now. Once that copy comes back, I will make the necessary changes to the manuscript and send the final copy off to my publisher, Sastrugi Press.

My publisher is working on the maps for the expedition right now, so hopefully everyone will come together all at once and I will be able to deliver my book to everyone who placed a deposit on the book prior to publication.

The image on the right is part of the proof copy to the editor. It is a sample of what the book interior and chapter beginnings will look like. From this image, there will be one small modification to the text but this is the style and design of what you will be reading once you purchase your copy.

One of the downsides of the ebook edition is that it cannot carry a lot of media, as the maximum ePub size is 10MB. That really doesn’t allow for much of anything besides text and a cover image to be added to the file. The publisher and I have gone back and forth on this item and although I’d love to have the pictures in there, the file size rule can’t be easily overcome. If the ePub and Kindle files are too big, they’ll be rejected by the wholesaler and distributor – not a good thing. As we’re releasing both versions at the same time, it’s going to be a mad rush to make sure it all works properly.

Mad rushes are what completing books are all about. I can’t wait to begin working on my next book, tentatively titled: 10 Steps for Creating Your Own Adventure.