Book Trailer

Polar explorer Aaron Linsdau was the second only American ever to ski solo to the South Pole. His trip was the culmination of a decade-old dream to go to Antarctica and experience the alien landscape. Antarctic Tears takes the reader from the comfort of their home to the frozen continent, allowing them to experience the triumphs, hardships, and unexpected mishaps that every polar expedition struggles with.

The text is not just a dry recitation of the daily happenings on the expedition but rather an exploration of the mind and heart. Readers are taken inside of the author’s mind and allowed to probe around to see why someone would put themselves through seemingly endless torture. Very few people on the planet would ever think skiing hundreds of miles across a frozen wasteland would be anything other than something a sadistic judge dreamed up as a cruel punishment. Yet, the author not only thought up the idea but put everything on the line to make it happen.

Linsdau explores each of these topics and shares what the costs really were to live his dream.

The video book trailer to Antarctic Tears was developed in conjunction with TVL Video, based in San Diego, California.