Film in final editing stages

Antarctic Tears the film is in the final editing stages with TVL Video. It’s been quite a process and has taken far longer than I would have thought (and liked) to produce a feature length documentary about the expedition.

But this is something I learned on the expedition. Even when a thousand sastrugi get in your way, you have to face each one and work your way over them. The difficult part is when you see the next one after the next one, you begin to feel overwhelmed. Don’t be. You’ll see that as long as you’re moving forward, you’ll make it across your continent.

IMG_0575Sometimes it takes far longer than you expected and there will be unforeseen obstacles along the way. Not too many people have to cobble something together out in the middle of the wilderness, but that doesn’t mean your challenges are any smaller. Think about all of the problems you have overcome in the past and look at this one with confident eyes. You can do it, you can make through it.

Instead of being bogged down in worrying about it, simply write down your problem and then write how you are going to solve it. As soon as you write down your issue and your proposed solution, you can act on it. As long as it’s in your head, you’ll just stew.

That’s no good.

There’s something to the magic of writing a sentence that makes the problem manageable. It’s how your brain handles it. There’s no need to go into the techno-physiology of how it works, only that writing things down will help immensely in your getting through things.

Keep moving forward@

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