Finally maps

map chapter 10

map chapter 10


The maps for my book have started to arrive. It’s been a long haul. One would think that getting maps completed for a book wouldn’t be a big deal. Yes, it is. Trying to find an artist and a cartographer to make decent maps is exceedingly difficult. Creating such a drawing doesn’t seem to fall under the purview of a regular graphic artist. This is a specialty.

In any case, they’re starting to come in and the publisher is integrating them into the book layout. As they’re dropped in, I can see the book moving closer and closer to completion. After a year of work, the end is tantalizingly close.

Now, we’re just waiting for the editor to finish the proofing job. Once those notes come back, the text will be integrated into the final document. Assuming there are no mistakes (hopefully nothing major), the final PDF will be sent to the printer for a final galley proof. If that all checks out, the book will move to immediate publication.

That’ll be great because all of the people who put deposits on the book will begin receiving their copies. That’ll be wonderful – I’m excited!