The maps are integrated

Sastrugi PressEdit marks just let me know the expedition maps are integrated into the book. That means the only thing I’m waiting for are the galley corrections, then we go to print. This has taken far too long and I’m sorry for all those who have been waiting for the book. It’s oh-so-close.

It’s an amazingly complex process. This is certainly not something that one can just type up in Word and hope that it works. It won’t. It takes a cover designer, cartographer, author, interior designer, editor, proof reader, printer, wholesaler, and distributors. All for a single book. We’re also working the ePub and Kindle editions as well, so they’re ready for release at the same time.

You’ll want the physical book, though. The ePub won’t carry the maps, pictures or otherwise, I was told. The digital book version can’t carry that much information, they’re just not designed for it.

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